Bookkeeping Services & Process

  • Monthly bookkeeping - Prepared monthly financial reports explained to you as they correlate to your business. Primary reporting includes; income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows. We'll meet once a month to discuss the reports and where your money is coming and going every month, who your biggest clients are, industry comps, and any other specifics you may need to know. 

  • Catch-up and clean-up - Been a while since you reconciled your books? Have a few reports that just aren't balancing correctly? This is where a catch-up and clean-up is needed. Prevent headaches down the road and move your business forward with corrected and clean books. 

  • Accounting software set up - I work with Quickbooks Online and Keeper to get your partnership with DCBKS started! Your business deserves the best software and apps out there.

  • Add-ons 

Here's how the process usually goes! 
  • The Consultation - let's chat and align Dill-Cat's services with your company's needs. 

  • The Proposal - after our consultation, I carefully put together a proposal with pricing and descriptions of the services proposed. 

  • The Agreement - once we agree on the proposed services, we sign a letter of engagement that outlines our respective responsibilities. 
  • The Onboarding - let's get you on board! This step is when I gather pertinent information to get things started on my end and your end. This step also covers acceptance of your first payment for services, integration of applicable software, accounts, etc. 

  • The Bookkeeping -we set a date to begin bookkeeping services and our journey in partnership begins! 
Contact DCBKS for a consultation. Let's discuss your concerns and see which services you need to get started.